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V3 released 30 October 2018
V2 released 23 April 2018
Original release 08 October 2017

Year One is an evolving, augmented reality audio composition for iOS. The different sounds and instruments of the songs will populate and begin moving through the space around you. Your movement, tracked by your smartphone, will affect which sounds you hear and change how individual effects are applied to them, making for a different listening experience each time.

Year One contains songs composed specifically for space by TCW. Throughout the year, we will continue to incorporate new music but also build music with other artists, curating a collection of spatial audio tracks that changes with each update. The app and all subsequent versions are free.

Headphones are required for the proper experience.

App released 20 January 2017

Inauguration is a composition written for the landscape between the Washington Monument and the White House in Washington, DC. This app uses your phone's GPS and compass capabilities. You will only hear sound if you are standing in the correct geographic location.

Headphones are required for the proper experience.

30 Oct 2018: Year One app updated to V3 with new music from N.E. Hertzberg and TCW.

12 Oct 2018: Inauguration Android app re-built and available again on the Google Play store.

23 Apr 2018: Year One updated with visual interface and new music from TCW and Wall of Trophies. AR Audio Guide updated.

08 Oct 2017: Year One app released; augmented reality iOS app how-to guide 1.0 now available.

12 Aug 2017: V 1.2 of the spatial audio guide is available now. Updates include advanced distance-based audio effect manipulation, rain pattern simulation, and collision-based audio effects.

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Sonic MC Brien; Vector Manne-Marie